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Letter to the Editor: Driving on Cedar is dangerous

By Melvin (Mel) Jasmin, Warrenton, Thursday, February 28, 2019

I cannot be the only one complaining of the fast driving on Cedar Street in front of the Warrenton Grade School. I really don’t hear that much from parents or school teachers of this sometimes scary event.

Over the years that I have volunteered at the School I have witnessed many times vehicles not paying attention to the 20 mph 7am to 5pm sign posted a block North  on Cedar for South bound drivers. It is specific.  It is in plain view. This should tell the driver’s brain to slow down. There is no sign at 9th on Cedar indicating to driver going North, to slow down at all.

I have observed vehicles in near misses with school students leaving the area on foot.  I have seen trucks veer around kids and speed off. It is useless to try and report license plates and even a description of the driver. Law enforcement has to SEE a violation. It can be different if you happen to have a video handy or at least two credible witnesses. (Perhaps adding an additional camera at the school facing Cedar might help?)I have complained before. I have asked that a sign regarding school zone speed  be erected.  It will happen when a student receives injury or enough parents complain. Only then.

This is my personal comment. Thank you

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