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City and county agree to lend out their building inspectors

Mark Baldwin
Thursday, March 14, 2019

Warrenton and Clatsop County building inspectors will play backup for each other, according to an agreement approved by both entities.

The agreement allows the county to perform building inspections on behalf of the city and vice versa. Each party will pay the other $75 per hour for inspection services and, should the need arise, 75 percent of plan-review fees with a minimum of $75 per review, whichever is greater.

“With several large projects on the horizon, there are many benefits to such an agreement,” City Manager Linda Engbretson said.

The agreement will come in handy when building officials are on vacation, out of the office at training or when either is overwhelmed with work, she said.

The arrangement was proposed and written by David Kloss, the county’s building official.

“This is a great idea,” said City Commissioner Mark Baldwin, a contractor. “I now they’re all going to work great together. It saves time and makes contractors more productive. That’s the way government should work all the time.”

Construction projects and workers sometimes sit idle while waiting for proper inspections to be completed.

“If you sit there for an hour, you burn through $200 to $500, don’t you?” Mayor Pro Tem Rick Newton said to Baldwin.

“It’s a win-win for both” government bodies and builders, said Bob Johnston, Warrenton’s building inspector.

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