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Few contested races in May election except for port commission

Thursday, April 4, 2019

The biggest race expected in the May 21 special districts election will pit newcomer Scott L. McClaine against longtime board member Bill Hunsinger for the Port of Astoria’s Position 3.

McClaine had been a security guard at the port until he decided to run for office. He’s a retired U.S. Coast Guard chief petty officer and has owned Clatsop Coin for nine years.

Hunsinger is a retired commercial fisherman and longshoreman. He has served on the port commission for 12 years.

Few other special district offices have contested races.

All five seats up for election on the Warrenton-Hammond School District 30 board will be filled by the five current members as no one signed up to oppose any of them.

Sunset Empire Transportation District has two seats that are contested. Incumbent board member Tracy MacDonald will compete against Larry Taylor, a member of the district’s budget committee. Incumbent Lylla Gaebel faces trial assistant Debbie Boothe-Schmidt.

The race for the Position 2 seat on the Clatsop Community College board pits incumbent Andrea Mazzarella, a real estate broker, against Sara Meyer, a former business woman who served on the board from 1996 to 2000.

Clatsop Care Center Health District has one contested race. Cyndy Enterline, a medical clinic supervisor, is challenging incumbent Paul Radu, financial manager for a mechanical company, for the Position 5 seat.

Elsewhere in the county, contested races can be found on Administrative School District 10, Astoria School District, Jewell School District, Falcon Cove Beach Water District, Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District, and Union Health District.

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