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College nursing program named tops in state

A student in Clatsop Community College's nursing program works in the campus nursing lab. (Courtesy Clatsop Community College)
Thursday, April 4, 2019

Clatsop Community College’s nursing program was ranked No. 1 for Best Registered Nursing Programs in Oregon by

The program garnered top honors in 2017 as well.

“Clatsop Community College is dedicated to providing the best nursing program for their ASN (associate’s degree) students,” the site states. “Class sizes, rigorous curriculum and seasoned faculty will help prepare graduates to be the best in the field.”

The college’s nursing program accepts 24 students into the nursing program each fall, after they’ve successfully completed 45 credits of entry-level classes. The students then spend the next two years in lecture and lab settings at the college, refining their skills while going through clinical rotations in local hospitals and health-care facilities.

By the end of the Associate of Nursing program, students have accumulated 900 hours of hands-on training and are eligible to take the licensing exam for registered nursing.

“The nursing program is rigorous and requires the ability to prioritize studies, the flexibility to think in new ways and the dedication to develop new skill sets,” said Allison Sansom, the college’s director of nursing. “Student achievement and outcomes are why we are rated No. 1.”

The website describes their methodology on how they rank the schools. They rank the top 10 nursing schools in Oregon and analyze current and historical “pass rates,” or percentage of graduates who pass the exam.

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