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Senior Moments: Surviving the talk with 'the kids'

Emma Edwards
By Emma Edwards, Thursday, April 4, 2019

I have a book titled “What's So Funny About Getting Old?” Another book in my collection is “Old Age Ain’t No Place for Sissies.”

I even have a potholder with an old lady drinking coffee and eating a donut sitting with her dog in front of a computer that says, “I keep hitting escape, but I’m still here!”

All the books and colorful cartoons seem to feature a lady with white hair and an interesting choice of glasses (like me). In all fairness, I should add that when a man is in the picture he has no hair but sensible glasses. How’s that for profiling?

You and I know that growing old isn’t funny for many. Often, with age comes many challenges.

What should “the kids” do with their aging parents and grandparents when the time comes? That’s the lead-in to talking about what happened to me last month.

My “kids” are a close bunch and had put their heads together (I suspect) to decide it was time to have “the talk” with Grams (me). My oldest suggested we take a tour of some senior facilities so I’ll know what’s out there “just in case.”

Admittedly, that was a fun excursion. We have some amazing places in this area.

I learned so much these past few months about my station in life and the options out there.

“Options” was just a word until I learned of an interesting program offered by Northwest Senior and Disabilities Services (located next door to the animal shelter). Holly Jensen, Aging and Disability Resource Connection of Oregon, is available there to discuss and educate us with our Aging Options as are five other counselors.

Long story short, we’re told to call the NWSDS Salem office at 503-304-3420 and they can discuss our options and do an intake over the phone. The reason we need to call Salem is because that office serves all of Clatsop, Tillamook, Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties and so makes for a smoother operation. A 54-page ADRC booklet, which has a gigantic amount of information about options, was an amazing resource to me in the realm of options. The booklet, “Planning for your Future,” is a toolkit for long-term services and support.

You could run over to the NWSDS and get one for free or call 503-861-4200 and they will mail you one. At least that would be a start. I’m convinced a key to comfortable survival for seniors is our local NWSDS facility.

Maybe too serious a subject? OK, I began with lightness so will end with a cute quip sent to me recently: “What do you call a fairy who won’t take baths? A stinkerbelle!”

Have a fun week and enjoy April Fool’s Day! Mark Twain liked to say, “Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.”

Smile and laugh a lot on Monday when you figure out an unbeatable April Fool’s prank! I like punching a few pin holes in a paper cup (not for hot drinks), changing the clocks ahead or putting salt in the sugar container.

I am giggling already! Brings back memories, doesn’t it?

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