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High school students set to distribute nonprofit funds

By Bruce Dustin, Thursday, April 4, 2019

Five local nonprofit groups could receive grants partially raised by Warrenton High School students. The school’s CommuniCare Club sets a goal each year to do a service project.

This year, they raised money from the community through bake sales, movie night, an online guitar raffle, a winter waltz, and partnership organizations.

The organizations that contributed to this year’s fund were Coastal Screenings, Seaside Pet Clinic, Pups and Suds Grooming, Kids Love Bounce House, Columbia Memorial Hospital, Fibre Federal Credit Union, Lum’s Auto Center, Warrenton Mini Mart, and Hampton Lumber.

The goal was $1,500, but the students raised so much more.

The Harold and Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation agreed to match the amount raised by 10, which would mean an additional $15,000 grant if they’d raised $1,500.

But students in the Honor Society, a group led by Maria Heyen, Pamela Taloncón, Mara Dowaliby and Kaisa Liljenwall and advised by Jason Edwards, raised $3,600, which calculated into an $18,600 grant.

The nonprofit organizations that are potential recipients of this year’s grant are Warrenton Hammond Healthy Kids, chaired by Debbie Morrow; The Healing Circle, chaired by Georgina Jones; Riverfolk, chaired by Mary Docherty; Clatsop Community Action, chaired by Elaine Bruce; and Astoria Warming Center, chaired by Janet Miltenburger.

Interviews will be granted to determine the distribution of funds.

Warrenton’s Honor Society would not only like to thank the organizations in the community for their generous gifts, but also the Harold and Arlene Schnitzer Foundation for their CommuniCare Outreach donation.

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