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And the Fourth of July Parade winners are...

Mayor Henry Balensifer poses with Fur N Feathers 4-H, which he gave the Mayor’s Award for best parade entry. (Mike Moha)
Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The five top entries in the parade received trophies based on decoration, patriotism, enthusiasm and creativity.

Winners of the car show were Best in show: Ross Getchell, 1956 Crown Victoria Mayor’s choice: Craig & Gail Sines, 67 Mustang 390 GT People’s choice: Tom Thies, 1972 Honda 2600 People’s choice: Lonie and Dawnell Wright, 1937 Dodge pickup People’s choice: Len and Janet Mossman, 1955 Airstream Trailer People’s choice: Bill Cook, 1967 Camaro People’s choice: Tim & Melba O’Bryant, 1966 Ford pickup People’s choice: Bert Young, 1969 Chevy Nova

Daughters of the American Revolution won the Astoria Trophy. (Cindy Yingst)

Encore Dance Studio won the Hammy Award (Mike Moha)

Encore Dance Studio won the Hammy Award. Here they are doing the Macarena down Main Avenue. (D.B. Lewis)

Mayor Henry Balensifer, left, and judge Paul Mitchell present the Warrenton Trophy to Hampton Lumber for its Candy Shop float. (Mike Moha)

Warrenton High School student athletes won the Clatsop Trophy. (Cindy Yingst)

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