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Planting crops? Now there's an app for that

Discover how good your soil is

A screenshot of part of Warrenton from the app
Thursday, August 8, 2019

Ever wondered where would be the best place to build a pond?

How about the crop production capability of your land?

Now there’s an app for that. U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service and the University of California at Davis Soil Resource Laboratory launched the SoilWeb app for Android and iOS devices.

SoilWeb delivers GPS-based soil information for the exact soil the user is standing on, allowing users to access more than 120 years of soils data from the world’s largest soils database.

SoilWeb is available as a free download on Google Play and Apple App Store.

“SoilWeb reached a new milestone this year when it was integrated with Google Maps and designed to scale across any device, desktop, tablet or smart phone,” said NRCS Chief Matthew Lohr. “SoilWeb app is a portable interface to authoritative digital soil survey data from NRCS, giving users access to practical detailed scientific soil information on the go.”

The app provides gardeners, landscapers and real estate agents with information relating to soil types and how to optimally use it.

Information in SoilWeb was collected from the National Cooperative Soil Survey, organized by NRCS, and accesses soil survey information the agency has been collecting since the 1890s.

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