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County Commission candidates: In their own words

George McCartin

George McCartin
Friday, May 4, 2018

Age: 81

City: Astoria

Length of time in region: 12 years

Occupation: Retired trial lawyer

Education: BA philosophy, MA education/theology, and JD law

Community involvement: People’s advocate before local government; volunteer and advisor to Astoria Warming Center; and programmer/DJ with Coast Community radio.

Political/other experience for the post: Board member and chair on a commission; Acting Director San Francisco region Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; served on citizen committees for schools, land-use and city employment.

Top three issues affecting the county:

Using the people’s tax dollars for expensive consultants and outsourcing rather than doing work in-house. Using the county jail to confine the homeless, substance abusers, and the mentally ill who need inpatient care.

The Clatsop County Commission often acts in a disruptive and acrimonious manner. The government entities in the county are too competitive for the good of the whole.

How would you approach those three issues?

Severely lessen the amount spent for outside consultants and outsourcing contracts. Make sure that the competitive bidding laws are followed.

Ensure there is full disclosure and transparency with respect to financial transactions Form a committee to raise funds from the community so that coupled with some tax dollars, a treatment center could be erected to positively help these people.

For 53 years, in various capacities, I have brought individuals and groups with divergent views together for a positive outcome by means of solidarity and dialogue. As a commissioner I will do this with respect to the Commission and the County, solutions to common problems may be attained.

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