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Letter to the Editor: 'Anti-hate' protestors should stop spreading hate themselves

By Christine Bridgens, Warrenton, Thursday, June 25, 2020

The story expressing the opinions of Alejandra Lopez during Black Lives Matter protests covered in the June 9 edition of The Astorian cannot go without a response.

Ms. Lopez’s behavior is: Anti Police; Anti-Community; Anti-Public Safety and Anti-Truth. This is not a formula for peace and/or unity.

Her words incite the very behavioral environment which she purports to oppose. She and the “organizations” which she says share her opinion have chosen to shout and carry signs that call all policemen “bastards.” They wave an upside-down American flag — signifying disdain for our country.

These are statements and behavior of hatred and chaos. Our community deserves better, and our public safety people deserve our respect and our gratitude.

Wouldn’t healing, justice and truth be better for all of us, Ms. Lopez?

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