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Paddlers need new permits

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Paddlers of nonmotorized boats must carry a Waterway Access Permit beginning Aug. 1.

The permit is required for all nonmotorized boats 10 feet and longer and replaces the Aquatic Invasive Species permit. Failure to show the permit is a Class D violation with a $115 fine.

The permit funds two programs, invasive species prevention and the development and improvement of nonmotorized access.

Permits are not required on federally designated wild and scenic rivers where other permits are required or for youth 13 and younger. Permits are transferrable to other paddlecraft.

The permits are available for intervals one week for $7, one year for $17, and two years for $30.

Permits can be purchased through the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s electronic licensing system,

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