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Candidate Orr did well in fight against LNG

By Carl Dominey and Jean Dominey of Astoria, Friday, May 4, 2018

I took a picture from the Astoria Column of a commercial fishing boat returning up the Columbia River. What wasn’t in the picture that day – or any other day – was the 200-plus liquefied natural gas tankers that would have polluted the river, fish and air.

It was citizens of the Lower Columbia area, guided by Columbia Riverkeepers, who stood up and said, “Not on our watch.” John Orr was one of them.

I can still have my favorite locally caught grilled salmon that hasn’t been swimming around in chemically polluted water from the proposed LNG terminal on the Skipanon. Yum! Thanks, John, for helping.

If you think protecting natural resources like commercial fishing and responsible timber harvesting is important, consider that in 2014, our area unloaded more unpolluted fish than any other West Coast port. John thinks that’s important.

I have allergies that don’t take kindly to breathing 2.6 billion tons annually of methane gas and carbon dioxide that the proposed LNG terminal would have released. Thanks, John, for helping keep our air some of the cleanest on the planet.

As president of the North Coast Land Conservancy, John showed that actions speak louder than words.

Oregon is unique and the North Oregon Coast is one of its jewels.

John is running for state representative. We believe we need someone who has proven he will fight to protect our home.

John Orr will get our votes because he has earned them the old-fashioned way: He worked for them.

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