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Ham operators sought for emergency network

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Are you a ham radio operator who’d like to provide service to the county and your community?

Disaster Communications Neighborhood Radio Network hopes to link all county areas to emergency services during power and cell-tower outages.

Clatsop Auxiliary Communications, through the Clatsop County Office of Emergency Management, is reaching out every licensed amateur to see how they can help during a disaster. There are more than 500 licensed hams in the county.

AuxComm is mailing red postcards to all amateur radio operators on file. The disaster communications postcard announces the network and asks for their participaction.

Upon receiving the postcard, hams should contact county communications leader Mike Brumfield at He will connect licensees with the network coordinator for their area.

Those who don’t receive a postcard and are willing to help in a disaster also should contact Brumfield.

All licensed amateurs are welcome. If your license has expired, use the same contact information to get help with renewing your license. If you do not have an amateur radio license, check online for a virtual class or use the above contact information to ask for assistance.

Pacific Northwest winters can be challenging, Brumfield said. Fires, the pandemic and the economy provide added reasons to train more people in disaster communications in case normal communications are interrupted.

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