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Letter to the Editor: All Oregonians deserve steady jobs

By Julia Hesse, Astoria, Thursday, October 15, 2020

I am writing to voice my support for Debbie Boothe-Schmidt for my state representative.

Debbie has roots in our community as a dedicated public servant and small business owner and was a strong advocate as our union representative.

No matter our race or place, every Oregonian should be able to have a good, reliable job. We should all be able to live in communities that enjoy clean air, clean water, and natural resources now and for generations to come.

Republican candidate Suzanne Weber is endorsed by Timber Unity PAC. This PAC tries to divide so we won’t notice that big corporations are using our forests for their short-term profits, jeopardizing ecosystems and water sources.

By coming together to elect leaders like Debbie Boothe-Schmidt, we can ensure we’ll have a voice that represents us in Salem, not someone who’ll side with big corporations that will use our tax dollars as their piggy bank while working families and small businesses struggle.

Please join me in voting for Debbie Boothe-Schmidt. She’ll work for all of us to make sure we have good, reliable jobs and thriving, livable communities now and in our future.

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