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Letter to the Editor: Ackley will be missed on city commission

By Rick Newton, commissioner, Warrenton City Commission, Thursday, October 15, 2020

When Pam Ackley told me that she wasn’t running for re-election to the Warrenton City Commission, I was very sad; I tried hard to talk her back into running. Another commissioner appeared to be devastated by the news.

Warrenton has been fortunate to be enabled by the diversity of professions on our City Commission team. We currently have a contractor, a realtor with land-use experience, a retired state trooper who has a legal perspective, a businessman, a trained leader, and a very good city manager; plus our team members can disagree on issues and still get along.

Pam is and has been a very important part of our team. The work Pam did on the Hammond Marina Task Force was simply outstanding, and she has done very good things working with Warrenton-Hammond Healthy Kids.

To sum it up, if Pam Ackley decides to return to be a City of Warrenton commissioner in the future, you should vote for her. She’s good at it.

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