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WHS volleyball takes impressive win from Banks

Jaime Annat sets up a spike as Hailey Bentley looks on. (Bruce Dustin)
By Bruce Dustin, Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Warrenton Warriors took the match during a spring break volleyball game against the Banks Braves.

Not only did the Warriors win, but it was virtually no contest.

The team went up 2-0 in the first set with Avyree Miethe serving and they never looked back. Set scores were 25-22, 25-18, and 25-19.

While the Braves should have been up to it and contesting their losses, they didn’t seem to be.

Warrenton showed a level of enthusiasm and energy that has been in short supply in many previous games. It endured the entire match.

“Usually, when we get to the third set, we run out of steam, let the opposing team back in the door,” Head Coach Staci Miethe said. “But tonight, we were there; we carried it through to the end.”

Brenna Bemus, a starting senior on the team, said the team worked well together.

“Our energy level was higher than usual,” Brenna said. “I could feel it in the first set, and I knew that, this time, we would carry it through.”

“I knew we had the energy this time,” added Jaime Annat, a starting freshman. “It started in the first set and we carried it through till the end.”

On Tuesday, the team had a home game against the Willamina Bulldogs. Warrenton won the first set 25-17, lost the second 26-28, and went on to win the last two sets for the match 26-24, and 26-24.

While it was a win for the Warriors, Willamina fought like their namesake mascot.

The Warrior’s next match is at Clatskanie on Thursday, April 1.

Avyree Miethe spikes the ball for the winning point in the second set against Banks. (Bruce Dustin)

Avyree Miethe and Brenna Bemus wait for the ball. (Bruce Dustin)

The team gathers before the game against Willamina Bulldogs.

Mia McFadden spikes the ball.

Aaliyah Watson bumps the ball.

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