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Warriors undefeated after fourth game

Dylon Atwood runs with the ball while Nic Pior and another teammate block in the game against Yamhill-Carlton. (Bruce Dustin)
By Bruce Dustin, Thursday, April 1, 2021

Home team Warrenton walked away victorious in a March 26 match-up with the Yamhill-Carlton Tigers, two undefeated league rivals.

“We want to win the turnover battle,” Tigers Coach Brennon Mossholder said before the game. “We haven’t had a single turnover in our first three games. We want to keep that streak going.”

The Tigers suffered two turnovers in the first quarter of Friday night’s game, owing to the Warriors defense.

“They have beaten us the last two years in a row,” Warrenton’s Assistant Coach Craig Horton said before the game. “We need to be focused on defense and stop their run.”

Later in the game, Warrenton’s new LED lights illuminated the remaining Warrior dominance over the Tigers.

In the first quarter, Ethan Caldwell scored on a 15-yard pass from Hordie Bodden Bodden. Hordie ran it in for the two-point conversion.

In the second quarter, Josh Earls scored on a 9-yard pass from Hordie and then Josh ran it in for two points.

In the third quarter, Dawson Little scored on an 18-yard pass from Hordie and the Warriors failed on the two-point conversion. The score was 22-6. It looked like it would be a walk-away win for the Warriors. But then Yamhill scored twice in the third quarter.

But by the end of the third, Warrenton scored three touchdowns, the first by Dawson, and then a pass reception by Josh, and a 12-yard run for a TD by Hordie. The score was 34-20 by the end of the third.

Josh made another remarkable interception in the fourth for a touchdown and then Ethan Green ran the score up by two points.

“They had a pretty effective game in the second half, but we did our job in the first half,” Hordie said. “… I love this team. We’re a family and we feel like we could overcome anything that’s thrown our way.”

The final score was 42-34, the fourth win of the season for Warrenton. Their next game is Friday, April 2, at Clatskanie.

Josh Earls catches a pass while teammate Jordan Martinez prepares to assist. (Bruce Dustin)

Josh Earls catches another pass. (Bruce Dustin)

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