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In their own words: Clatsop College candidate Sara Meyer

Running for director, Zone 2, Position 2

Sara Meyer
Sunday, May 2, 2021

Sara Meyer

Age: 76

Residence: Astoria

Occupation: Retired; I co-owned with my husband, Chuck, and worked at The Compleat Photographer for 31 years. Before that, I had worked with Job Corps and Community Action programs.

Education: Attended Riddle High School, bachelor’s degree from University of Oregon.

Community involvement: We birthed three and raised four boys. During their school years in Astoria, I was active in PTA, Scouts, and soccer. Through work I helped form the Downtown Association, held the first Art Walk, Maritime Week celebrations, and built cooperation between retail and chamber members. I’m an active AAUW member. I’ve served on the 1C School Board, Astoria-Warrenton Chamber board and Clatsop Community College Board.

How have you contributed to the board? I bring a historical perspective and have chosen to give the needed time to the CCC board. I am on two board committees. I understand and respect the policy role of a board. I seek solutions over complaints. I am a positive proponent for lifelong learning opportunities and the huge impact educated people have on their own lives and in their communities.

Top issues

This question hedges toward problems rather than opportunities. It’s been a tough year, and I think the CCC staff and returning students rose to its challenges.

** The shutdown has been hard. Staff and faculty needed to retool to teach through online and hybrid. Safety measures needed to develop, comply, be made workable and sustained. Social norms left! And yet, the college rose to provide quality and support. I am grateful for the financial support from the state and federal sources that helped us survive.

**In 2017, CCC (along with five other Oregon Community College) began searching for a new campus computer system as Rogue Net gave notice they would not support the system being used. In July 2020, a faulty program went live. It has been filled with problems and frustrations for students and staff. Finally, in March 2021, some major fixes give hope that by July 2021 the computer services for the college will be effective. The head of technology tells us that we are moving toward success and he and all have my support.

**With the shutdown, our student numbers were down in 2020-21. Much of that was due to students from Tongue Point being sent home, and students from the Coast Guard, as well as several public entities, were not allowed to take classes. We also had a drop in students not wanting remote learning. We can appreciate that the state is not using 2020-21 for funding requirements as state funding depends on an average of full-time equivalent students! Staff members need to let people know what classes and programs are offered and rebuild attendance as we, hopefully, return to a new normal.

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