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Upward Bound program teaches college survival skills

Biological Technician Kayla Fermin of Lewis and Clark National Historical Park shows students helpful plants during a survival session. The students are Val Wallace, Susana Velasquez-Huanosta, Dylan Atwood, Austin Atwood, and Alex Tapia. (Courtesy Clatsop Community College)
Thursday, July 15, 2021

Upward Bound Summer Academy, an outreach program for high schoolers headed to college, has kids learning sign language, wilderness survival skills and robotics coding.

The academy started June 21 and runs weekdays through July 29 with field trips every Friday.

The U.S. Department of Education provides $353,059 annually for the Clatsop Community College program, now in its 29th year. Upward Bound works with students from families where the parent or parents have no four-year degree or are economically disadvantaged.

There are 73 students in the program from Warrenton, Astoria, and Seaside.

The academy consists of two components: academic classes and experiential learning.

Students are fed breakfast when they arrive at the college. Then they take two one-hour academic classes.

After lunch, students participate in a three-hour experiential learning project group. This year, they’re learning Clatsop wilderness survival and stewardship; math in game theory; and art and writing in nature.

To learn more, contact Jon Graves at 503-325-2898.

Students work with sphero bots to learn computer coding. They are Nikia Farrow and Jonathan Krizo. (Courtesy Clatsop Community College)

Students learn math and game theory by playing board games. They are Shaunasy Holloway, Tory’ana Afornorpe, and Nikia Farrow. (Courtesy Clatsop Community College)

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