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College instructor takes long bike ride for books

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Fernando Rojas Galván, who teaches Spanish and English as a second language classes at Clatsop Community College, left Monday on an epic adventure pedaling 1,600 miles around the state.

The monthlong journey will take him to all 17 Oregon community colleges, where he’ll raise money for student textbooks.

He calls the 20-day effort “Bandit Biking for Books.”

Galván attended an Oregon community college and has children who are attending community college. The public colleges provide great opportunities, he says.

His motivation is to combine his passion for outdoor adventure with helping students with financial need. He approached the college’s foundation with the idea to ride his bike to raise money for students’ textbooks while raising awareness about the work that is done at each of the community colleges to support students.

During the past year, the foundation and Galván planned the route and found sponsors to make the Bandit bike tour a reality. He’ll bike 60 to 90 miles a day and will return to Astoria on July 25, hopefully having met his goal of raising $150,000. He hopes that’s enough to provide one textbook to every academic student each term for a year.

At each college, Galván will highlight the campus and, when able, meet with college representatives to discuss efforts to help students with expenses and other concerns.

To follow Galván on his journey, log into the Clatsop Community College Facebook page or YouTube channel.

To donate, go to

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