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Warrenton High School graduation is Friday

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Forty-nine students will make their way across the stage in Warrenton High School’s gymnasium tonight as they receive diplomas for surviving a dozen or more years in the educational system.

Some truly excelled. All of them completed the minimum tasks the school system placed upon them.

They are among the first to go through school with an increased emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and on female achievement in those areas. And some got to benefit from CTE, or career technical education.

They lived through the high school’s first year of a policy banning cell phones during school hours.

Those who attend tonight’s ceremonies will get to see how the students looked growing up and hear about what is important to them now.

Following is a list of those receiving scholarships.

American Red Cross: Grace Travis

Art-Graphic Design: Gabrielle Brinkman

Artistic Achievement in Theater: Gabrielle Brinkman

Astoria Scandinavian Festival: Kara Dowaliby

Astoria-Warrenton Chamber Of Commerce Ambassdor: Robert Barber

Astoria Clowns: Justin Stevens

Astoria High School Scholarship Inc.: Leah Durham

Astoria Regatta: Rebecca Sprengeler

Barbara & Jean Camp Memorial: Hally Chauvin

Bio Oregon Protein Inc.: Logan Fischer

Bruce & Beverly Bobek: Rebecca Sprengeler

Carol Homne-Cannon Beach Choir: Kara Dowaliby

Clatsop Community College Match: Tyla Little, Rebecca Sprengeler, Justin Stevens

Coastal Family Health Center: Nolan Mathews, Vanessa Talancon-Botello

Daniel Kennell Music Memorial: Kara Dowaliby

Davis Family Memorial: Nolan Mathews

Debbie Dunn: Tyla Little

Dick & Harriet Baldwin of Gateway Masonic Lodge 175: Bryant Bautista, Robert Barber, Alma Bolanos Hinojosa, Gabrielle Brinkman, Matt Burgher, Hally Chauvin, Kara Dowaliby, Ian Duggan, Leah Durham, Jeffrey Lafferty, Tyla Little, Nolan Mathews, Rebecca Sprengeler, Vanessa Talancon-Botello, Grace Travis

Dick Mattson Memorial: Bryant Bautista, Gabrielle Brinkman

Donnie Adams Memorial: Logan Fischer

Doris Bulletset Memorial: Jeffrey Lafferty

Dr. J. Leinassar Health Sciences: Robert Barber

Edwin L. Mowick Outstanding Student: Alma Bolanos Hinojosa

Jarrod Thebiay Memorial: Hally Chauvin

James & Shirley Rippey Family Foundation: Kara Dowaliby

Keith Dyer Memorial: Nolan Mathews

Kelly Smotherman Memorial: Hally Chavin, Julieanne Foster

Lower Columbia Hispanic Council: Alma Bolanos Hinojosa, L.R. Hitchman, Jeffrey Lafferty Lum’s Auto Center: Kara Dowaliby

Mt. Hood Community College: Michelle Arney

Murl G. Peterson Scholastic Achievement: Grace Travis

North Coast: Matt Burgher, Leah Durham, Grace Travis

Remax River and Sea/Seaside Temps: Jeffrey Lafferty

Sandy Adams Softball: Tyla Little

Stevens Scholar Award: Gabrielle Brinkman

Ted Antilla Memorial: Rebecca Sprengeler

The Riedel Endowment Fund: Rebecca Sprengeler

Warrenton Education Association: Hally Chauvin

Warrenton Mini-Mart: Hally Chauvin

Warrenton-Hammond Healthy Kids: Hally Chauvin, Logan Fischer, Alma Bolanos Hinojosa, Rebecca Sprengeler

Warrenton High School Scholarships Inc.: Tyla Little, Rebecca Sprengeler, Justin Stevens UW Purple & Gold: Grace Travis

Warrenton High School Scholarships Inc. Valedictorian: Grace Travis

Warrenton High School Scholarships Inc. Salutatorian: Leah Durham

Warrenton Sunrise Rotary: Jeffrey Lafferty

Warrenton Volunteer Firefighters Association: Robert Barber, Nolan Mathews

Western Oregon University: Kara Dowaliby

Oregon School Employees - Tikkila, Tenny, Steve Memorial: Leah Durham, Jeffrey Lafferty, Rebecca Sprengeler

Whittier College: Hally Chauvin

Wauna: Grace Travis

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