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Warrenton passes $35 million budget

City Manager Linda Engbretson
Friday, July 6, 2018

Increased library hours, a new part-time municipal court clerk and a public works position transitioning from part time to full time are the highlights of a nearly $35 million budget approved Tuesday by the City Commission for the 2018-19 fiscal year.

It’s mostly a hold-steady budget, City Manager Linda Engbretson said, with two of the three highlights coming from the library levy and police levy recently passed by voters.

“With all the growth in Warrenton, we are still (committed) to provide excellent service with such a small staff,” Engbretson said.

Among items in the general fund are the police department, $1.89 million; fire department, $869,000; and administrative staff, $1.1 million.

The water department’s budget, which includes repayment of loans, is $5.73 million. The sewer fund is $5.4 million. The sanitation, or trash, department is $1.53 million. Streets are allotted $1.71 million. Marinas, which also are funded by the Warrenton Urban Renewal Agency, will take $2.54 million from the city’s budget.

Also on Tuesday, the commission passed a resolution, or agreement, with the state to share in a portion of the proceeds from liquor, marijuana, cigarettes and gasoline.

Warrenton expects to receive $545,802 during the coming fiscal year.

“It should be worth noting that, regarding the marijuana tax, even though we don’t have any marijuana establishments, we didn’t outright ban them, so that allows us to receive a percent from the state,” Mayor Henry Balensifer said.

Mayor Henry Balensifer

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