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Skimmer device found at credit union's ATM

The skimming device fit perfectly over the ATM's card reader and was even the same color as the original. (Warrenton Police Department)
Friday, August 3, 2018

A skimming device was found on a drive-through automated teller machine at Wauna Federal Credit Union’s Warrenton branch.

Warrenton Police issued a warning last weekend for anyone who may have used the ATM Saturday or Sunday.

Credit union officials told police they’d inspected the ATM about 10 a.m. Saturday and it had no device on it then. A motorcyclist who’d stopped to use the ATM at 1 p.m. Sunday spotted an irregularity and called police.

Video from the ATM shows a person wearing a very tightly pulled hoodie attaching the device about 10:30 p.m. Saturday, Chief Matt Workman said. The perpetrator kept their head and face away from the camera and only their hands are visible.

“You can’t tell race, gender, nothing,” Workman said.

No one returned to retrieve information from the device during the 15 hours in was installed. “My guess is he or she, the suspect, would have come back that night,” Workman said.

Wauna’s information technology specialist looked it over and “he’s 99 percent sure it is not a transmitting type of skimmer, but a memory-only one and it would need to be downloaded.”

The bank has not reported any customers who had unusual activity on their accounts because of the skimmer.

Many people would have trouble recognizing the device as a skimmer since it fit perfectly over the ATM’s card reader, he said. “To fit perfectly like that and look so real, it had to have been 'spec'-ed to a millimeter.”

The skimmer was held on by double-sided tape and contained an electronic memory device. (Warrenton Police Department)

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