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Getting ready for the next disaster

Ken Olney gives some attention to his service dog, Fred, while staffing the CERT table. (D.B. Lewis)
Thursday, October 4, 2018

Dozens of people attended last weekend’s disaster preparedness event at Warrenton Community Center.

They learned what to do to protect their homes, businesses and pets and how to gather a “go-bag,” supplies to take when a disaster is imminent.

The event was sponsored by the city of Warrenton and Warrenton CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). Speakers included police Chief Matt Workman, city building inspector Bob Johnston, and representatives from the Red Cross, Clatsop County Emergency Services, NW Natural and Emergency Auxiliary Communications Group.

Brian Dennon and Craig Yamasaki pass out emergency bags for CERT. (D.B. Lewis)

Vince Aarts, emergency management coordinator, answers questions at the county's table. (D.B. Lewis)

Jason Tonquin, owner of Tonquin Trading in Seaside, talks about making safety backpacks for kids. (D.B. Lewis)

Kathleen Gleaves, an emergency preparedness consultant, addresses the crowd. (D.B. Lewis)

Don Hillgaertner, leader of Emergency Auxiliary Communications Group, talks about how communications will happen in an emergency. (D.B. Lewis)

Dr. Dannell Davis of Astoria Animal Hospital talks about taking care of pets in stress. (D.B. Lewis)

Jenny Carver of the American Red Cross (D.B. Lewis)

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