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WHS names top students

Friday, March 2, 2018

Warrenton High School released the names of students currently on the honor roll. These are students whose grade-point average is 3.5 and above. Those students marked with an asterisk have achieved a straight-A or 4.0 grade-point average. Those with two asterisks have a higher than 4.0 average, such as through extra-credit or other exceptional work.

Ninth graders on the honor roll: Bergerson, Emily R.; Cannon, Marissa J.; Carelock, Kora B.; Cassalata, Courtney S.; Church, Lars W.; Cote, Aaron; Green, Jalen M.; Heyen, Ann M.; Irwin, Samuel C.; Pierce, Aviana A.; Rivera, Darian B.; Sprengeler, Caleb N.*; Vollmer, Isaiah; Whitsett, Julien M.

Tenth-graders on the honor roll: Atwood, Thomas J.; Beeman, Hobie A.; Burgher, Billy J.; Carr, Isabella L.; Dowaliby, Mara H.; Garnett, Darren E.; Leitch, Robert B.; Liljenwall, Kaisa L.; Little, Austin A.; Medjo, McKenzie R.; Moha, Serena A.; Morrill, Isabella P.; Moss, Kale D.; Ramsey, McKenzie L.; Sanders, Caitlyn; Schenbeck, Anna.

Eleventh-graders on the honor roll: Alvarez, Fernanda E.; Bennett, Cailin C.**

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