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Seized rental truck leads to hypothermia

Thursday, November 22, 2018

A man who’d caused a disturbance with a towing company attempting to pick up his long-overdue U-Haul truck was treated for hypothermia a few hours later after sleeping on the asphalt in the North Coast Business Park, police reported.

Paul Lee Roebuck, 46, with no known address, was taken to Columbia Memorial Hospital by Medix after he called for medical assistance at 1:45 a.m. Nov. 9.

A few hours earlier, Warrenton police were called to assist a company retrieving the U-Haul pickup truck Roebuck had rented. The man was refusing to cooperate with the tow company, according to police.

“The U-Haul company had deactivated the pickup and dispatched Classic Towing to retrieve their vehicle,” according to a police report.

Police told Roebuck to remove his necessary personal items and that he’d have an opportunity to gather the rest of his belongings from the truck later.

“Roebuck began throwing trash, clothing, empty bottles and other junk items out of the cab,” according to the report. He began gathering his items into organized piles and agreed to move along or face a ticket for offensive littering.

When police were asked to assist Medix in the back parking lot of TJ Max a few hours later, they found Roebuck had strewn junk throughout the lot.

While Medix treated Roebuck in the ambulance, the officer wrote up a criminal citation for offensive littering with a mandatory court date of Dec. 4.

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