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Letter to the Editor: There are better locations for company housing

By Ann Marie Gramson, Warrenton, Thursday, November 22, 2018

Having attended the Warrenton City Commission meeting and hearing regarding the Pacific Coast Seafoods (PAC) housing proposal Tuesday night, I feel compelled to comment on the behavior of one of the commissioners.

After the public comment period, Commissioner Baldwin stated that he was “embarrassed” by Gil Gramson’s suggestion that there might be more suitable options for this housing problem. NIMBY? He was issuing a warning that public opposition to this problem would result in public humiliation.

I'm “embarrassed” that an elected official would behave in this manner. Everyone with concerns deserves to be treated respectfully.

The proposed dormitory is less than 100 yards from our quiet subdivision of many retired (elderly) folks. Yes, we have concerns including safety and property values.

Although most of these “associates” would not be a problem, it only takes one. An attorneys for PAC stated that these workers would be so tired after working that they would only want to eat and rest. Really? How many hours a week do they work?

“Not In My Backyard” has become an expression used to belittle those who may have legitimate concerns regard land use proposals. This proposal for an outright use in our neighborhood comes with no restrictions.

Mr. Baldwin unashamedly announced how proud he was to be recognized by Mr. Dulcich at the grand opening of PAC for his minor role in the construction. Perhaps he hopes to be the contractor on the dormitory building.

With the numerous fish-processing facilities owned by Mr. Dulcich, he can afford to provide better housing for his “associates” than a cramped dormitory.

If that is the best option, I would like to suggest the former Warrenton Builders Supply complex, which is more centrally located and closer to Mr. Baldwin’s residence.

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