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A better Thanksgiving is in the bag

Warrenton High School football players and supporters Kaleo Kapua (l-r), Ella Gibbs, Duane Falls, Mark Warren and Devin Jackson line up to fill Thanksgiving boxes. (Peggy Yingst)
By Peggy Yingst, Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Warrenton-Hammond Healthy Kids partnered with Walmart to provide Thanksgiving food boxes to needy residents Monday.

Debbie Morrow, “This is the eighth or ninth year we’ve done this and it’s the first time we’ve been off campus,” said WHHK’s Debbie Morrow. “It’s a nice partnership working with Walmart. Walmart has donated so much and sold us their turkeys at cost. Kimberly has even invited her staff to come out to work with us.”

Warrenton High School’s football team pitched in to help sort and box the items.

The volunteers work with the grade school to identify those most in need. About 80 families were expected to pick up the boxes filled with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing mixes, green beans, dinner rolls, brownie mix and a pie.

“I’m glad we’re here to be able to help out,” said Kimberly Smith, Walmart’s general manager. “We’ll also partner with Brew 22 in Seaside to help raise money for a toy drive.”

Cotton Ferrell walks past while Walmart General Manager Kimberly Smith and Jessica Morrow survey the filled bags in Walmart's garden center. (Peggy Yingst)

Head football coach Ian O'Brien pitches in. (Peggy Yingst)

Peggy Yingst

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