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Please stand by for an important county message

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Clatsop County Emergency Management will conduct a countywide test of the ClatsopALERTS! emergency notification system today, Nov. 30.

The test will occur between noon and 3 p.m., and will go out to all residential and business landline phones, as well as to all cell phones and email addresses whose users have registered for ClatsopALERTS!

ClatsopALERTS! is designed to provide residents with immediate information and warnings about storms, floods and tsunamis, water contamination, missing persons, road closures and other events.

In the event of these or other scenarios, ClatsopALERTS! will issue recorded voice or text messages, alerting people that there’s an emergency and providing important response information.

Messages can be sent out countywide, or targeted to a specific, affected area.

The Nov. 30 test is intended to identify areas for possible improvement, familiarize citizens with the system and help distinguish it from other alert systems, as well as increase the number of cell phones registered by Clatsop County residents.

If you have landline telephone service through a standard phone company such as Qwest or CenturyTel, your phone number already is automatically included in the database.

To receive alerts on your cell phone, pager or by email, however, you must register. Sign up at

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