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Commercial fishers getting state compensation

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Clatsop County’s commercial salmon fishers began receiving payments this week for impacts caused by changes to Columbia River commercial salmon harvesting policies.

The state set aside $500,000 in the Columbia River Transition Fund to provide compensation for direct economic losses and reimbursement for fishing equipment purchased to comply with the policy change.

Payments ranging from $56 to $8,750 have been mailed to 126 commercial salmon permit holders eligible for compensation.

The transition fund was set up by the Oregon Legislature in 2013 following the adoption of a plan by Oregon and Washington to phase out salmon gillnetting on the Columbia’s main channel by requiring fishers to move to off-channel sites or switch to alternative gear such as seine nets.

In the wake of the new policy, many commercial fishers invested in new equipment in anticipation of the new rules, saw their harvests reduced or experienced other financial impacts.

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