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This Week in Aboriginal History: Seminole tribe is first to offer Indian bingo

By Carl A. Ellis, Thursday, January 3, 2019

Dec. 28, 1890: Sioux leader Big Foot leads his tribe away from the reservation only to be surrounded by 7th Cavalry troops at Wounded Knee Creek. The next morning, when the cavalry tries to disarm the Sioux, shots ring out. During the next six hours, 146 Sioux men, women and children, including Big Foot, are killed. The 7th Cavalry loses 31 men.

Dec. 29, 1776: Mingos is directed by Chief Pluggy to attack a stockade in the settlement established by John McClelland near present-day Lexington, Ky. Men are killed on both sides, including leaders from both forces. The Indians eventually give up the attack.

Dec. 30, 1759: A Spanish force of 600, responding to a Comanche attack that destroyed two missions on the San Saba River in central Texas, march north to the Red River. There they engage several thousand Comanche and other Plains Indians fighting behind breastworks and armed with French rifles. The Spaniards are routed out, losing a cannon in their retreat. From this point on, Comanche raids will be a constant threat to settlers throughout Texas.

Dec. 31, 1813: Indian and British forces under Gen. Phineas Riall attack Buffalo, N.Y., burning the small village to the ground. Settlers will return soon, and rebuild.

Jan. 1, 2001: The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians open Tahquitz Canyon near Palm Springs to visitors.

Jan. 2, 1979: The Seminole Tribe of Florida becomes the first tribe to enter the bingo gaming industry. Their endeavors encourage other tribes to begin gaming enterprises on reservations as a step toward economic self-sufficiency.

Jan. 3, 1895: Hopi Chief Lomahongyoma and 18 other Indians are placed in Alcatraz for five days for their resistance to the U.S. government. The 19 are jailed for refusing to farm on individual plots away from the mesas and for refusing to send their children to government boarding schools.

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