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City to vote on new plan for transportation improvements

A truck and school bus shimmy past each other on Ninth Street at South Main Avenue. (Cindy Yingst)
Thursday, January 10, 2019

Transportation isn’t a boring topic for those caught in traffic and those waiting for street improvements.

A three-year project to update Warrenton’s transportation system is set for a public hearing before the City Commission and possible adoption Jan. 8.

The Transportation System Plan will serve as a long-term guide or blueprint for how the city will spend its transportation dollars.

During the past three years, the community, transportation officials and city leaders have come up with policies and projects designed to protect and enhance the quality of life in Warrenton.

The plan spells out projects likely to be funded, in order of priority:

** Improve signs and visibility for the Warrenton Waterfront Trail and develop a network to guide bicyclists to and from local destinations via bike routes and trails, $50,000.

** Provide a path connecting the Airport Dike Trail to the waterfront trail with safe passage over Highway 101 at Harbor Drive, $34,000 to $133,000.

** Install bike parking at points of interest, including downtown Warrenton, Robinson Community Park and the soccer complex, $5,000.

** Improve pedestrian crossings near the four-way stop, $100,000.

** Construct a 10-feet-wide multi-use path on the east side of Ridge Road from Ninth Street to the north edge of the soccer complex, $250,000.

** Construct an at-grade pedestrian crossing over Ridge Road at the soccer complex, complete with flashing beacons and high-visibility pain, $30,000.

** Enhance bicycle routes in Hammond with the possibility of constructing curbs, gutters and sidewalks on Pacific Drive, $50,000 to $3.3 million.

** Add bicycle route signs along Astoria-Warrenton Highway 105 (Harbor Drive and Marlin Avenue), $25,000.

** Install a high-visibility crosswalk at Main Avenue and Ninth Street to enhance visibility of crossing near Warrenton Grade School, $2,000.

** Upgrade curbs and crosswalks to be handicapped-accessible at and around Warrenton Grade School, $40,000.

** Install marked crosswalks near the community center and Robinson Community Park, 30,000.

** Enhance bicycle visibility across Youngs Bay Bridge, $500,000.

** Construct bike lanes, curbs, gutters and sidewalks on both sides of Neptune Avenue between Harbor and Highway 101, $1.4 million.

** Construct sidewalks on both sides of Harbor from Marlin to Highway 101, $1.6 million.

** Install bike and pedestrian access from Dolphin Road south to Highway 101, $50,000.

** Extend hours for bus transportation citywide, cost estimate to be determined.

** Modernize transit stops to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility devices, cost to be determined.

** Modify the four-way stop to accommodate large trucks, $3 million.

** Widen the shoulders by 3 feet on South Main Avenue between 14th Street and Alternate Highway 101, $1.1 million.

** Improve Southwest Fourth Street between South Main Avenue and Southwest Alder Court and add a sidewalk, $296,000.

There are about 25 additional projects that could be funded and about 20 deemed “aspirational.”

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